Xbox One X downloads can be HUGE

A lot of existing Xbox One users who are making the move to the Xbox One X are taking advantage of the ability to download a game’s 4K assets in advance of the new console’s launch as it’s a great way to prepare in advance. But be warned: you’re going to need not only a larger hard disk drive for storage but some decent internet to cater for it too.

I’m looking forward to seeing Star Wars Battlefront II at its console finest.

Even on my less than snappy connection I’ve already got a decent number of my games updated, including Star Wars Battlefront II but there’s some insanely sized updates going hand in hand with this 4K revolution.

I thought at first the 30GB patch for Gears of War 4 might have got the reward for biggest disk filler of 2017 but it looks like Quantum Break is going to not only accept that award but also make a bid for the next two years as well thanks to a 95GB update that’s coming through now and looks to replace the entire game install.

Think about that: Blu-Rays on the console store up to 50GB so this is a massive increase in game size. Add the downloadable cutscenes into the mix (at 75GB) and you have a game that’s inching its way towards the 200GB mark. When you consider that the Xbox One X comes with a 1TB HDD as standard that’s almost an absolute worst case scenario of only 5-6 games being able to fit on the console.

Add the cutscene download to the 4K patch and Quantum Break becomes one VERY large game that’s filling your Xbox One’s hard disk.

Of course, not all games are going to be as disk hungry. Battlefront II is taking up 44GB and a fully updated Titanfall 2 (maps and all) is a neat 69GB. As for older games, Diablo III (minus necromancer DLC) sits at 38GB while Killer Instinct is now a hearty 48GB. I deleted a decent amount of games to clear up space for the expected updates but I can see that in the future I’m really going to need to invest in more storage because I’d prefer to avoid downloading games again if the file sizes keep increasing.

It’s fair to assume that advancements need to be made in how games can be managed at the user level. Not everyone has access to high speed Internet or their own personal disk arrays so anything that prevents them from playing games when they want is not a great user experience.

It’s only a few days now until the Xbox One X launches so we’ll know soon enough how this generation of console games will work out with their new and improved updates. So just in case it might be wise to keep a little bit of free space on your Xbox One’s HDD now before you are forced to to do a clean up you might later regret.

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  1. Some of those download sizes are pretty big. I know Gears of War 4 on PC is almost 120 GB download. It’s one of my reasons for never buying the game. Good luck with those downloads dude πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks! It’s going to take its sweet time to complete that’s for sure… Already two days to get through half of Quantum Break. πŸ™‚ It’s crazy to think that now you can buy a physical copy of a game and even then that disc is not enough to store the whole game. lol

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  2. Thank goodness I have a reasonable internet connection. World of Tanks is also pretty big (50 gb) and Rise of the Tomb Raider has been patched as well (50 gb). Not long for the X now – I’m getting really stoked πŸ™‚

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