Elite: Dangerous on PC tweaked for Oculus launch

Late last week the PC version of Elite: Dangerous received what might initially be considered a small update to the game (version 2.0.7) but when taken into consideration it’s timing with the public availability of the Oculus Rift VR headset, it’s a significant milestone for a game that has supported Oculus hardware from very in its development.

What’s in the update:

Enhanced VR support

  • Added support for Oculus 1.3 SDK
  • Added new VR specific graphics presets (VR Low and VR High)
  • Added Hangar main menu background when HMD is present
  • Added VR experience demo as a scenario in the tutorials menu
  • Added option for SRV to maintain level horizon if player finds motion uncomfortable​ – Please note: This will not be on by default, users will need to select this option to activate it
  • Added option for SRV blackout when rolling if player finds motion uncomfortable – Please note: This will not be on by default, users will need to select this option to activate it
  • Adjusted VR and panel positions in the SRV
  • Improved UI mesh tessellation for rendering the front-end on VR
  • Preflight checklist can be completed with just a controller
  • Updated various warnings when using Head Mounted Displays
  • Crash fix when entering open play with HMD active
  • Crash fix when entering CQC with HMD active

Other changes / fixes

  • Community Goal top contributor news reports have returned, featuring Commanders from all platforms
  • First Discovery tags from Xbox Commanders now display on PC/Mac
  • Wanted Xbox commanders can now appear in top 5 bounty local news reports
  • Fix a crash in system simulation for “Sidgoe LX-S c17-0”
  • Fix for purchased exploration data not always giving details on all bodies in that star system
  • Fix for First Discovery names from Wings appearing too many times
  • Fix for refuelling 10% button

Something worth noting are the optional VR settings being included when driving the SRV to prevent players from reacting badly to movement. Though creating a “blackout” for a player who has accidentally rolled their vehicle might seem like a simple solution, in the context of where it is being used I think it is a clever way to dodge the problem that also fits the situation nicely; a car racing game could get away with that trick too I’d imagine. While the technology is still new, having these kinds of options to manage potentially vomit inducing situations and is only going to help keep players invested in their new gear.

Though it might be a long time before one on these headsets is plugged into my own PC, I’m still interested to see where it will be going over the next year as the big players get their products out and more games become available.

Source: Frontier forums.

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  1. I’m looking forward to getting my claws on the Oculus! Between this and EVE:Valkyrie we have some great new experiences to be had in the future of gaming. I think these changes are especially mindful of the need for a balance between immersion and comfort. For me personally, I will likely attempt full immersion with a bucket by my side 🙂

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    • VR + Bucket = hardcore gamer. 🙂

      Have you used any of the VR headsets before? I’m curious to know how much better they are compared to the early developer versions that have floated around the last couple of years.

      With how awesome EVE:Valkyrie is looking, I’m also thinking I need to see another Star Wars flight sim make an appearance…

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      • Now that sounds amazing. I like the way you think! I haven’t used any VR headsets before and in all honesty it hadn’t really peaked my interest until I saw the quality of EVE:Valkyrie… I’m a huge Star Wars fan so it’s irresistible to me. It’s going to be a pricey investment though.

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  2. I’m still deciding but at this stage leading towards Playstation VR simply because it apparently has better adjustments for those who wear glasses and it is a bit cheaper. It will also have EVE: Valkyrie although I doubt it will look as good as a high spec PC running an Occlus Rift. Star Wars: Battlefront has been announced as a VR title for the Playstation VR too.

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  3. Where is the option to change the Menu/HUD text color from the ED options? (Without hacking config files.) That was the number one thing to fix, people have been asking for that for more than a year now… BTW, menu background is not there in HMD mode, menu font is too small, next to unreadable on DK2. Big advertisements on the wall of the hangar, they ARE readable! Guys, please concentrate on the real important VR stuff to finally make ED usable on HMD.


    • Guessing you’ve been playing the game for a while on a DK2? Have you been lucky enough to get the retail kit from Oculus or are you still in the queue for one? Still a while away for me before I can get my hands on one so am curious to hear other people’s thoughts. 🙂


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