Making Money in The Crew: Wild Run

With the upcoming release of the January patch of The Crew  I thought it might be time to work through some tips on how to earn some money in the game. I’ve been playing The Crew for quite a long time now and only now do I feel like I am starting to understand how to make regular income in the game.

I would start by finishing the single player part of the game and visit as many landmarks as you can (they reward you $2000 a landmark) along the way. That way you unlock all the relevant characters that have perks available and it will make it easier to make regular money a bit later.

Once you reach the part where you can start racing Faction missions you will also unlock the ability to send “friends” in your Crew list on missions. You start with being able to send two friends on the same mission but you can increase this to four using a perk that Roxanne can provide.

The Crew 3

Here is the perk you’ll want to increase to be able to send four of your friends on a faction mission, courtesy of Roxanne.

Most of the bigger faction missions net 900 reputation points (will get to this soon) and 16000 in game credits and take 12 hours to complete. This effectively means if you log into The Crew twice a day you can earn some reasonable money just sending other friends who play The Crew on missions.

Bear in mind though the the difficulty level of each faction mission changes with every use of it, so don’t expect to be able to send the same friends on the same faction missions to succeed. Each time you do this a little bit of planning would be a good idea. It is a shame that the proposed mobile app never surfaced because part of earning some daily cash would benefit greatly by having it as an app.

Increasing your daily income for your faction is also a great idea at the start of each month. To do this simply start doing the friend missions above or try and race a few faction missions yourself. With every rank you go up you’ll increase the daily spoils for that month, before it resets next month.

The Crew 2

Under the Faction & PvP tab is where you’ll be able to send your friends (who own the game) on missions. It pays to friend a few random players who are ranked to level 50 to assist.

A great way to earn some money at the end of the month (usually two days before) is to make sure you are part of the faction that is winning at least a week before the end of the month. The Wolf faction wins more often than not. Then you’ll get one bonus mission for each area (there are five of them). These can be repeated and even though they are boring as hell you can net $66,000 in game for about 8 minutes work. They only last for two days before the new month starts though.

Don’t be afraid of joining some of the other factions, like The Crocodiles for example. Because the spoils (money) are always based on a percentage of how many people are in that crew it will not take you long to rise in the ranks with the factions that have the better average spoils.  The averages can be found on the faction panel.

Daily, weekly and monthly challenges are also a longer way of earning some money but I’ve certainly earned a few in game dollars this way. Be aware though – some of the tasks amazingly are still bugged with regards to upgrading your car to a certain specification. It seems to be only the ones where there is no specified specification requested that don’t work (ie – Dirt, Street, Circuit etc).

The Crew 1

A timer will count down to give you an idea of how long your friends will take on the mission. You can’t race this faction mission while friends are on it.

So there you go – just a few tips to help you earn some much needed cash to buy all those cars and bikes.

Note – these tips can be used for both “The Crew” and “The Crew – Wild Run”.

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