Halo 2 BR blasting its way into the next Halo 5 update

Arriving before the end of the month is the next chapter in Halo 5: Guardians‘ run of DLC. Entitled “Infinity’s Armory” the update provides two new maps in the form of Riptide for Arena matches and Urban for Warzone and a new dose of REQ items for the collector in all of us.

What’s new here is one of the armour sets is tied directly to your skills; players able to get all their kill commendations up to level three will get the Achilles armour and those able to reach level 5 will score the helmet too. That is bound to add an element of prestige to the item and reward those players who have dedicated a lot of hours to the game.

Finally, a new weapon has been added to the mix in the form of the classic Halo 2 Battle Rifle. The weapon has been rebalanced a frightening amount of times in subsequent games so I’m hoping that this might restore it to its original form. Considering it’s being encouraged to be used in Forge recreations of Halo 2 maps I hope this is the case. The weapon will be available in both Warzone and Forge.

Details of the update can be found here while the original preview post can be found here.

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