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Elite Dangerous lands on PS4 June 27

Good news for future space travellers on PS4 with news that Elite Dangerous will finally be arriving on Sony’s console at the end of June. With features designed to take advantage of the console’s unique features like the controller, developer Frontier Developments are ensuring that players get the […]

Run for your Life – Outlast (Mini Review)

With the sequel just arriving I thought it high time I went back and finished the first Outlast game. I had always started it, but then scared myself stupid before deciding to play something else. With my renewed interest in Alien Isolation, another survival horror game, I thought […]

Star Wars Battlefront II announced

In keeping with all the Star Wars news of late Battlefront II has also been announced. I’m really excited for this because we have a single player campaign again. It has also been confirmed there will not be a season pass for this as well, because they didn’t […]