Now installing… Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Even though I was excited to see the Mass Effect trilogy given a fresh coat of paint by developer BioWare I wasn’t originally planning on picking up the game right away. That plan went awry as soon as I started reading the positive reactions to Mass Effect Legendary Edition. So here I am downloading it!

Containing the three classic sci-fi RPGs starring Commander Shepard (ie. not Mass Effect Andromeda), they have all received a visual bump while the original Mass Effect has been given additional love with gameplay tweaks to make it play more like its sequels. For all the changes there’s one downside with Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer not making the cut for this release which is a bit of a shame as the co-op PvE was a fun distraction. However to counter that you probably don’t need the mobile app anymore to help boost your resource building… so it all events out!

The game clocks in at 21.26 GB on my Series X which seems like a bargain storage wise considering just how much there is packed into it, including the enhancements and DLC too. Now to see if this will be my favourite game on the Citadel…

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out now for PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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