Thoughts on Aliens: Fireteam Elite

A new game related to the Aliens franchise was just announced in the form of Aliens: Fireteam Elite and I’m in two minds about it at the moment.

The upcoming game for PC, Xbox and PlayStation is a third person co-op shooter that pits a team of players up against what seems like an endless swarm of the famous alien critters. The concept itself sounds pretty good… I’m going to call it “Scary Horde” though I’ve also seen it compared to Left 4 Dead which might be more appropriate… and by playing to the PvE angle I think it could succeed where games in the past have failed by throwing massive numbers of enemies at players. Where I’m not sure yet is if there will be enough variety to keep people interested long term. The game will include a large variety of weapons and a few enemy variations but for anyone (like me) who has memories of the James Cameron film it boils down to getting the atmosphere and gear right.

For the weapons we’re talking about the pulse rifle, the smart gun, flamethrower, automated turrets and maybe even Hicks’ shotgun (for “close encounters”!). On the enemy side it’s the facehuggers, the adult aliens and of course the queen. If these aren’t done right then anything more that’s added isnt going to improve the experience. Past storylines have tended to stick with the idea of escaping an overrun bases and ships so I’m curious to see if there will be any different spins on that or we’ll see some more creative objectives.

The game is coming later this year so it’s not long now until we find out. Will it be worth a shot or to quote Hudson from Aliens is it “Game over, man! Game Over!”?

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  1. Interesting take using 3rd person. I like the look of this and hope it provides a good horde type mode. Also it says “Summer” (which normally indicates a US summer) so hopefully we’ll see this in Australia’s winter. 🙂

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