New mode and maps for week 2 of Halo 5 MP beta

The latest changes to the Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer beta have gone live and introduce a new game type called Breakout which has teams battling over five rounds with the restriction of one life only per round. Two new maps are included for Breakout (Crossfire and Trench) while the existing Slayer mode now has a couple of “remixed” maps in Regret and Eden.

For example, Regret is based on the previous map Truth but where that was located on a Covenant spacecraft in space, the remixed version has that spacecraft crashed on a planet. There are some changes in layout and function but there is still plenty of the familiar level geometry in place. The different setting allows for a different set of textures and lighting to be used and it works better than expected.

Hopefully that’s not a sign that the map count is going to be artificially boosted by reusing maps this way but the effort gone into it is impressive and does show that tweaking a classic map can make it a very different experience for players.

Details  from 343i via Halo Waypoint can be found here.

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