Using an Xbox 360 controller to control Windows 8.1 on your PC

Some of you may already be aware of a great little feature in Steam that allows “Big Picture Mode” (  This effectively allows you to use a controller to navigate around Steam.

What I’ve always wanted is the ability to control the Windows 8.1 tiles using my trusty 360 controller.  This would allow me to get to Plex Home Theater and Steam Big Picture Mode very easily as I can add a tile to my Windows 8.1 computer.

I’ve just come across this great program that allows you to do just that – use a 360 controller to work with Windows 8.1.

XBStart is the app and you can download it for free here –

I highly recommend it – it can be fully configured to even include the onscreen keyboard and virtual mouse control.  It is simply a great app.

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