Shadowrun: Hong Kong announced on Kickstarter

Not really surprising to fans of the previous games thanks to a couple of less than subtle hints/emails/screenshots, Harebrained Schemes LLC (Shadowrun Returns) has announced their third CRPG based on the classic Shadowrun RPG franchise. Set in Hong Kong, the game is a standalone game like Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut.

Scheduled for a mid 2015 release, the game has already been under development for a few months now but the addition of the Kickstarter gives fans the opportunity to add more features to the game including an additional character if one of the funding goals ($200,000) is reached.

As of the time of writing this, the initial $100,000 funding goal was reached easily and with more than 30 days to go it is likely they will reach their $300,000 goal too.

It’s great to see that this genre/style of CRPGs are continuing to make a comeback and that companies like Harebrained Schemes are finding success from it. It was games like this in the past that made the PC the “go to” platform for deep gaming experiences.

For more details, visit their Kickstarter page.


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