Port Forwarding and How Useful It Can Be

So the Night Owl and I last night were attempting to get into a Match making Halo: MCC game last night and as per usual were having difficulty.  The Night Owl has hardly been able to get into a Halo 2 Anniversary match making game and when he has, it had huge lag spikes.

I was getting frustrated at not being able to connect to a game so I thought to myself – “I wonder if there are any other ports you need to forward on your router?”

I did some net trawling and did come across one port that did assist a few users with Halo: MCC connections (port 16000 – TCP and UDP) so we thought we’d give it a go.

Well what do you know – we actually got into a game and it was lag free.  I think both Night Owl and I almost cried with relief that it was possible to actually play competitive multiplayer in Halo: MCC together.  Granted, we had issues connecting to the following game but that is due to the broken party system more so than our connection.

Port forwarding is very important (and safer than adding your Xbox One to the DMZ).  Another good example of some unknown ports helping connections for me recently was in The Crew.  Once I had port forwarded 43210 and 43211 I found I was getting a lot more stable connection and could play PvP in the game than before.

So don’t discount port forwarding – it can help.

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  1. If I could ever quadruple ‘like’ a post, this would be the time. 🙂

    Good site to check out is – especially for gamers needing to set up their routers for a new console.

    I think one of many concerns we have now with our recent Halo experience is that more gamers may have to fiddle with port forwarding and that begins to impact on the “pick up and play” advantages that consoles previously offered. Not everyone is going to have the patience to do this.

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