Jedi Knight, Republic Commando now on

The Star Wars love on continues with the arrival of three more titles on the service: Jedi Knight, Republic Commando and Starfighter.

Jedi Knight is the sequel to Dark Forces. As the name implies, players now could finally get their hands on a lightsaber and feel what it’s like to be a Jedi. The game included FMV cutscenes, a 3D graphics engine, clever use of your character’ Force powers and some brilliant level design.

Republic Commando is an underrated game that gives players a chance to command a squad of elite clone troopers in missions that take place after the second film of the prequel trilogy. It is very much a first person shooter at heart but the basic squad commands made the player feel more involved in looking after his comrades than many games do even now. Though the campaign could have been a little longer, it is made up for by the fantastic production efforts in visuals and audio.

Starfighter attempts to carry on the legacy created by Rogue Squadron but tries to make it more narrative driven, basing the story on the prequel trilogy. It doesn’t hit the same highs but is still a very nice looking game.

In addition, the remaster of adventure classic Grim Fandango is also available on the service. Considered the last great adventure to come from LucasArts, it’s a wonderfully stylish game that fully showcased the talents of the studio.

The latest games can be found here.

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  1. I first played Dark Forces when it was new and I loved that game. It was outstanding. I hope it still holds up. I also really enjoyed Rogue Squadron. What a rush! 🙂
    I never did get a chance to play Republic Commando and I heard it was very good.
    There are too many games to spend money on!

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    • Sometimes I think you end up having to decide on “what I want to play now” and “what I can wait to go on sale”… 🙂

      +1 For Rogue Squadron!!! It’s a shame that the sequels weren’t on more platforms than just the Gamecube. Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader blows the pants off the original game’s visuals… those early missions just look soooooooo good!


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