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Sony invites Marvel to the Spidey party

Recently reported on IGN, Marvel and Sony have come to terms that allow both to use Spiderman in future feature films. The amazing part is that no money changed hands in the process.

Sony continue to profit from making their own films using the character as Marvel will do now (perhaps starting with Captain America: Civil War) but both will be cooperating in a manner (Marvel’s Kevin Feige will be a producer on the Sony films) that may encourage a consistency of character between studios. If it succeeds, they will benefit immensely from each other’s efforts.

Will fans be willing to see another reset/reboot of Spiderman? If it means mixing it up with The Avengers, I think YES!

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  1. This is great news. I only wish they didn’t have to do another reboot of a Spiderman movie. I’ve always liked the original reboot from 2002 and the 2004 sequel.

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