Halo MCC updates continue… when does it end?

Posted just a few days ago on Halo Waypoint were further details on the next update to Halo MCC as well as details of the new Halo 2 Anniversary map remake (Relic, with some nice art to go with it) and a handful of Halo 5 Guardians beta stats.

Usually I’m pretty optimistic with the news as it arrives but this one has got me a little confused. For the first time, 343i were planning on allowing willing players (part of the Xbox One preview program) to beta test the update before it gets rolled out to the wider community. I was excited with the prospect and was waiting patiently to see the update arrive and check it out before mentioning anything.

It seemed like a win for everyone; news would spread of the improvements and any negatives could be responded to quickly with fixes pushed out to the beta testers. That kind of agility could really benefit the game and at least keep up the positive PR.

But it seems it was not to be and we are back to playing the waiting game again as testing of this update will once again be handled internally. It’s a shame as I bet there were a few Halo players out there looking forward to testing it out and seeing if they could make a difference.

My take on it? If recent issues were going to impact on the update beta, resources working on this might be a bit scarce at the moment. Another possibility is that the delay has also afforded them time to bolster their testing capabilities and so external testing is no longer required.

However it plays out, it might have been better for 343i to not even have mentioned a beta until they actually knew it was 100% going to happen. Because right now it’s just added further disappointment and concern that we may not have seen the end of these fixes for the foreseeable future.

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  1. I know it is very unlikely but surely Microsoft would be thinking about giving another studio a go soon? 343 Industries has really let the whole franchise down. I also realise that Halo: MCC might have been rushed but you would think Microsoft would want a solid launch, not this half baked attempt that has hurt the brand.

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