Halo MCC – Time to give custom games love

A compelling video was posted last week on YouTube that highlighted some significant issues that are still with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The discussion in this case is that despite progress being made on matchmaking, custom games and Forge mode continue to be neglected and are impacting one of the key parts of the Halo community; the ability to create new maps and modes.

The video also encourages those that agree to retweet a message to those close to the franchise in the hope it will be addressed. Details are on the YouTube page, or look for it under the Twitter hashtag #FixMccCustoms.

It’s an impressive bit of work done by someone who knows what they are talking about and is passionate about resolving the situation. If you are a creator of content or a fan of other’s work in customs, it is worth sharing.

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  1. Jesus in Malibu here, I’m the original author of the video and I very much appreciate this! After hearing about the “big update” that was coming (which launched on 3/3), I decided that if customs and forge did not get the treatment it deserved, I was planning to pitch in and help get the customs and forging communities what it needed. After soon realizing the update was a disappointment (for custom games and forge), a bunch of very helpful community members and myself compiled a list of issues affecting this part of the game and soon after I got to work on this movement with this video. Again, thank you for an creating an article about this!

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    • Your video raised some excellent points. A whole bunch of us use to love playing Halo Customs and we want to be able to do it again! Thanks for putting your video together.

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    • Halo customs has been a way of life for a lot of us over the years so seeing the state it is in now is quite depressing. One of our friends (luigifreak), who is a big content creator for the group we play in, referred us to the video so I couldn’t help but offer my support too. I wouldn’t be into online gaming this much if not for Halo.

      If anything, we should thank you for making the video – the professional approach you’ve taken can only help the cause and is appreciated by a lot of people. Cheers! 🙂

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