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Netflix (finally) enters a crowded Australian market

Yesterday, the video streaming giant Netflix officially opened its doors to Australian consumers and like many I was ready to sign up for the free trial month as soon as it was available.

It’s an interesting time for the market here and bound to be quite a battle. In anticipation of the giant arriving on our shores, new services (Presto, Stan) have popped up in the last few months and stalwarts (Quickflix, the most direct equivalent) have dug themselves in ensuring that pricing is extremely competitive from the start.

Being fairly new to these services, I was curious to see how it works and also what quality to expect from my humble Internet connection. Initial impressions are that Netflix’s platform maturity is going to be one big thing in its favour. So far I’ve been able to start watching a show on my Xbox One, continue on my Surface Pro, jump across to my Windows Phone and finally end up on my WDTV Live player. It is seamless and brilliant.

The use of profiles is a nice touch to offer personalisation for multiple users of the same account; that one of the default profiles included is targeting kids makes it clear that Netflix also has parents in mind too.

Video quality isn’t too bad; in my case I’m comfortable with the expectation of SD resolutions being the norm for my experience. And and it is reassuring to see how quickly it takes for a video to begin so no long and frustrating waits here. It is comparable to YouTube speeds which is impressive.

It’s just the beginning and I’m still not sure yet if Netflix and its ilk are for me in the long term but it sure is neat to finally see it in action. 🙂

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