Sunset Overdrive Campaign DLC – little pockets of goodness

The end of last month signalled the release of the second and last piece of campaign DLC for Sunset Overdrive, the marvellously mad grind’n’shoot from Insomniac Games. With both now available to purchase separately or part of a season pass, it’s a good time to revisit the game and bask in its absurdity.

Mystery of the Mooil Rig

The new locations are distinctive and self contained.

The new locations are distinctive and self contained.

The first of the campaign add-ones takes place on an oil rig situated off the coast of Sunset City. Assisting Bryllcream, the limbless troopmaster from the campaign, you travel there to help save his stranded sister. As expected, things are not what they seem.

The map itself might not seem that large to begin with but as you start traveling around it you notice that it is traversal heaven, giving players so many opportunities to grind, swing and leap their way around the whole map. Becoming familiar with the environment is key; especially for some of the big battles that take place.

The storyline that plays out here is one of its strengths. It has some great characters and moments that really fit in with the rest of the game. Of the two add-ones, this one feels the most like it was always a part of the city and its story.

One of the great things that came with the launch of this add-on were additional tricks over water that allowed players to string together moves and keep up momentum. Prior to this, you could find yourself stranded in the middle of the water with no way to travel except for paddling.

Being able to now skim across water and leap out goes a long way to making the full Sunset City map more accessible than it has ever been so even if you don’t have the DLC, the new moves will make a difference to the core game. You’ll get plenty of practise too by the end of your time on the oil rig as you travel back to the city.

Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines

Not every day do you get to play as a violent energy ball.

Not every day do you get to play as a violent energy ball.

The final add-on takes place at the FizzCo Robotics Factory where you are tasked with saving Sam’s (the first guy you rescue in the campaign) old mentors whilst bringing the whole system down.

Much like the Mooil Rig, this map is a self contained area that encourages constant traversal and makes players use all the tricks and weapons at their disposal. In an odd twist, the storyline itself takes a bit of a backseat in favour of more creative missions.

One has you search for parts to a weapon that is not that far from Gears of War‘s Hammer of Dawn (with a couple of quirks), another has you wear the worst cosplay ever and one more has you trashing robots whilst trapped inside a giant energy ball. That mission variety is the biggest strength of this add-on but its unfortunately at the loss of the humour from the main game.

The final mission seems as much a close to the game itself as it is an end to Sunset TV; the video channel that breaks the fourth wall as much as the game’s missions do. And through that they still find a way to slip in a Terminator reference.

I have to say though there is one neat little pop culture reference thrown in this add-on for respawning players that involves a certain flying car. I wish a few more of those were included because they don’t get old.

End of the line

Spray and pray... for more content.

Spray and pray… for more content.

It looks like this might be the end for new content for Sunset Overdrive and it’s a bit of a shame. Through the highs and lows of these add-ones there’s at least six hours total of additional fun in the campaign alone and that’s not even taking into account the new Chaos Squad maps. Throw in the extra weapons, costumes, traps and you have plenty that can be used within the main game too.

For those people who played through the game and loved it, this is more of the same and highly recommended. I wish there were more.

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