Star Wars Battlefront (EA) – first in game footage

Star Wars fans are getting a double header it seems.

This first footage of the new Star Wars game coming out later this year (just before the release of Episode VII) is absolutely mind blowing.

Even keeping in mind that it is not an actual gameplay footage if they can create cut scenes of this quality using the game engine I am still incredibly impressed.

A game play video shouldn’t be far away so we’ll post that up as soon as it is released.

If DICE and EA pull this one off it will be one of the best reboots we have seen in quite a while.

So far it has been reported that even though there is no single player campaign there will be 2 player co-op missions. The website suggests couch co-op and offline play as well so it looks like you’ll be able to fight against AI in an offline mode.

Star Wars Battlefront will be released November 17 this year.

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