Project CARS – Multiplayer hints

I thought I’d write up a bit of an explanation on how some of the not so obvious multiplayer options to setup in your own lobby.  Two of the options that are really useful is how to get AI players working in a multiplayer race and how to change the class of the cars running once the multiplayer session has started.

Here is the main “Create” multiplayer screen.


At this stage Project CARS needs you to allocate how many human players are going to be in the game before the rest can be filled out by AI (16 in total for console, 32 for PC).  This means you have to know how many players you are expecting to join your session.  In the top right hand corner (highlighted in the above pic) is where you need to set this.


In this example I’ve set a max of 10 human opponents (11 including me).  This will mean that it will fill out the remaining 5 slots to AI as long as you have the “Fill With AI Opponents” option set to Yes (you can change this option in the created lobby too).


You can also set weather and time conditions by pressing right bumper on the XB1 controller.  If you set four weather slots and increase the weather progression and time progression multiplier the weather can easily change during a race while proceeding to night racing as well.  The weather also has a “random” option as well if you want to keep the racing challenging.  After making these options and going back one step (using B on the XB1 controller) you can then create your session.


The next option that is a bit tricky to find is changing the class.  When you click on the traditional Vehicle menu it only gives you the vehicles for that racing class.  You need to go into the Vehicle menu first, but then go to your garage (Y on the XB1 controller) before finally choosing the “Select Car” option.  This is where you’ll actually find the different types and classes of motor racing in Project CARS (refer to the three screens below).





Hopefully this will make it a bit easier for you to understand a couple of the multiplayer options that aren’t immediately obvious.

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