Forza Motorsport 6 – fresh details leaked from Japan

Some leaked images and information have come out early for Forza Motorsport 6.  I’m encouraged by this news and it wets the appetite for more news to hit E3 in a week.

Unrelenting action at simulation speed. Race over 450 cars in the most beautiful and comprehensive racing game of this generation.

As real as it gets
Breathtaking graphics at 1080 px resolution and 60 frames per second. Wet weather, 3D puddles, and night racing test your driving skills. Cutting-edge ForzaTech™ engine powers the unrelenting action and stat-of-the-art-physics at simulation speed.

Ultimate car fantasy
The most cars of any racing game this generation. More than 450 cars all immaculately recreated and customizable, and complete with working cockpits and full damage. Tour 26 world-famous locales including Daytona, Rio, and more..

Never race alone
Home of the greatest racing, tuning and painting community in gaming. 2-player split-screen racing, 24-player races, and realistic Drivatar opponents deliver packed tracks and unrivaled action.

Forza Motorsport 6

Forza Motorsport 6 – showing off the weather effects.


Forza Motorsport 6-2

Yes – night racing has been announced for Forza Motorsport 6.


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  1. Looks like Forza Horizon pushing the technical side is going to pay off for the “serious” racer… Hopefully it might also translate to the social aspects of FH2 too. If that’s the case we all win. 🙂

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