Bethesda @ E3 2015 – Impressions

Taking the lead and getting their show out of the way even before E3 had started could have gone sideways for Bethesda but they delivered a great presentation that pushed the properties that will be a big part of their catalogue for the next twelve months.

Seeing a gameplay video of DOOM reassured many that the game is heading back in a direction that feels like it is more of a true successor to DOOM II than the last game was. Seeing some old school circle strafing thrown in with jumping and clambering over obstacles, the movement looks like a natural extension of those classic games.

And the violence? Over the top and exactly what you’d expect from a game whose lineage has created many a controversy over the years. It’s more of the comically violent variety though and will no doubt be age restricted but it’s really what you should expect of the game. The response from the audience makes it pretty clear that the game is pressing the right buttons. I bet John Romero would be satisfied seeing that the franchise is returning to its roots.

The game will be out next year.

Then there was Fallout 4

With the game scheduled to arrive in November this year, no doubt the hype for this game will continue and it has potential to being the biggest seller of the year. There’s a lot of new and enhanced content that makes it less than a game and more a way of life:

  • Weapons can be tweaked to create custom variations on the 50 base types in the game. Want to turn a laser pistol into a sniper rifle? Now you can.
  • Settlements can be constructed allowing you to create your own little slice of heaven in the wasteland.
  • Items collected in your travels can be broken down into component materials for building. Perfect now that you like to be building A LOT.
  • You can have a dog as a companion again. It will take orders and seems to have a bit of personality judging from the videos.
  • There will be a mobile app available (iOS and Android announced so far) that hooks into the game and works as your “Pip-Boy” electronic companion. Cooler still is the collectors edition of the game that will include a replica of the device that you can hide your phone in for that real Fallout experience.
  • You can even find game cartridges that let you play replicas of Donkey Kong and Missile Command on your Pip-Boy.

iOS gamers can also play the free Fallout Shelter game on their device of choice which allows them to create their own little vault and the dwellers within. This looks really neat and is available to download now.

Once again it becomes clear that Bethesda are doing what they do best and that’s building a detailed world for you to wreak havoc in. There’s going to be a lot to discover come November.

In all honesty, I was happy enough to see just the Fallout 4 stuff. With the later announcements of mod support coming to consoles and that the Xbox One version would also be bundled with a backward compatible copy of Fallout 3, I was willing to say that Bethesda’s announcements would have stolen some thunder from the other presentations.

With their previous big RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, having lifetime sales of around twenty million units across the 360, PS3 and PC, and Fallout 3 totaling close to ten million, even the biggest franchises in the industry will be taking notice.

And that wasn’t the end of it. With Dishonored 2, Elder Scrolls Legends, the just released (on console) Elder Scrolls Online and Battlecry there is plenty more coming throughout the next year that will keep players invested in Bethesda’s franchises. In a year when they are rolling out one of their biggest guns, it’s encouraging to see they aren’t resting on their laurels and are going all out to make this one their biggest years ever.

My November countdown begins…

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  1. Well after reading some of the new things in store for Fallout 4 I have become incredibly excited. Apart from being able to create your own settlement as you’ve mentioned your main character will have a voice this time as well. They have recorded over 13000 lines of dialogue each for male and female voice overs. I think it will be a very tight contest between Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 for GOTY personally.

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