E3 2015 predictions

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) only a day and a bit away from starting in Los Angeles, I thought I’d throw out a few last minutes predictions. With competition fierce there is bound to be plenty of quotable news to come out of this week.

Already, there’s been Oculus showing off the retail versions of its headset (coming in 2016) as well as new controllers. Microsoft even made an appearance that clearly indicated they are prepared to back the biggest name in VR with Windows 10 and Xbox.

Prior to E3’s start Bethesda will have their own conference showing off Doom, Fallout 4 and more. We might finally get a confirmation date of the long promised Doom beta.

Anyway, here’s my tiny little list of predictions:

War... war never changes.

War… war never changes.


  • Exclusive release windows for Fallout 4 DLC; they’ve done it before, can’t see why it won’t continue.
  • Further details of how Xbox ties in with Oculus VR. The previous announcement was more for the PC side so we might see additional details from the console side such as game support.
  • Despite only the first Gears of War appearing as a “remaster”, the other games will be confirmed too.
  • Another game franchise will go platform exclusive for a release. First it was Rise of the Tomb Raider (XB1), then Street Fighter V (PS4)… what’s next?


  • Another big sales milestone for the PS4. Xbox will talk up their own successes but the truth is they are still running in second place.
  • More first party “remasters”. Whether it is justified or not, PlayStation 4 gets criticism for lack of games to justify the platform. Leaning more on its back catalogue (e.g. Uncharted collection) might keep long time fans happy until more “big games” arrive. This could become a strength if handled right.
  • Another game franchise exclusive… the war continues.
  • No Man’s Sky gets a confirmed release date.


  • The mobile announcement made a few months back will be highlighted – there will be some integration with the console platforms.
  • Another hardware revision will be on the cards, maybe for the 2DS.
  • Something with Mario in it…


  • Despite Valve not making an appearance, VR will go “all in” this year.
  • Windows 10 will go well but Xbox integration will still be a curiosity for many until the new OS is released next month.

Feel free to add some predictions of your own in the comments below.

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