Who wins E3? I can’t answer that, I’m biased.

Now that E3 is done and dusted for the year, we’re all going to be seeing many opinion pieces (kind of like this… LoL) with people far more knowledgeable and experienced than I trying to come up with a winner for the event. In this case I am happy to admit that there’s no way I can offer a fair opinion for the simple truth I’m way too invested in my Xbox 360/One to be anything but biased.

Though that bias might have come through quite recently, I can also understand that from a Sony fan’s perspective the weaknesses I highlighted could also be considered strengths. Especially if you’ve been using Sony platforms for years. That’s not to say Xbox has escaped unscathed from public opinion. Its backward compatibility announcement has been both described as a good thing and not so good thing; in those last two cases it was from the same news source.

I suppose it depends on which strategy appeals to you as a gamer. Microsoft appears to be following a plan similar to that of last year’s E3; exclusive games about to arrive and those coming in the near future. Sony is taking an approach this year similar to to what Nintendo does by focusing on those long term products that are historically tied to the platform. Even if Final Fantasy VII is not exclusive to PS4, it’s history is still a major part of PlayStation and it’s likely that will be where its greatest success will be.

As for Nintendo… they seem to operate in their own little world that has its own ups and downs but they at least let you make your own Mario Bros levels…

But if anyone should be commended this year, I think it should be Bethesda who nailed it thanks to a great series of presentations and giving fans exactly what they wanted – lots and LOTS of Fallout 4. Fans wanted it, they delivered and everyone was happy. Can’t do any better than that.

But then I’m a big Fallout 3 fan and so am biased and here we go again…

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