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E3 2019 Round Up – Nintendo

Once again Nintendo may not have a presentation at E3 but they still had plenty to say and show via their Nintendo Direct. I’ll keep it short and sweet so you can jump through to the video. 🙂 Luigi’s Mansion 3 looks really, really good. I’m sure there’s […]

E3 2018 Round Up – Nintendo

The success of the Switch has shown once again that Nintendo operate in a different world to everyone else but this time around they are happily bringing other developers along for the ride. Judging from their Nintendo Direct it seems they should just continue doing whatever they do […]

Nintendo Switch announced

Previously known under the code name “NX”, today’s reveal of the Nintendo Switch showed a console leveraging features previously seen in other tech but never executed in such a clever way. First impressions are it shows again why Sony and Microsoft can never discount what Nintendo can produce. […]