E3 2017 Round Up Part 7 – Nintendo

With the Switch off to a great start it’s good to see Nintendo bringing their own take at E3 even if their presentation was prerecorded. Like the early trailers for Switch, it’s all about showing people what you can do and where you can take that little console. Oh, and it’ll have Rocket League too. 🙂

I’m certainly no expert or dedicated fan of Nintendo’s numerous platforms but I’m more than happy to check out the trailers for their new games. Looking at Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby and Yoshi all I can think of is just how gorgeous they look. If you ever want examples of developers combining great art design with respect for their platform these games are surely up there.

They certainly provide the kind of content that should appeal to a wide variety of people and that’s something Nintendo seem to do better than Microsoft or Sony. I’d be tempted to get some of these myself if I am ever lucky enough to own a Switch… they’re also the kinds of games you wouldn’t be afraid to let your kids play.

If Skyrim for Switch (with Zelda themed gear too!) isn’t enough to whet your appetite, DLC expansions are on their way for Breath of the Wild. Not only that there’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming so you aren’t short of RPG goodness on the platform.

Fans of Metroid Prime should be please to know that a new game in the series will be Switch bound too. Little was revealed except that it is currently under development. Series producer Kensuke Tanabe is on board but it appears that Retro Studios, responsible for the first three games, are not taking on development duties this time around.


And for players who may have been disappointed that Pokken Tournament DX was the only Pokemon game to land on Switch with Ultra Sun and Moon heading to 3DS there’s no need to worry. A new Pokemon RPG will be heading your way in the future – there’s no firm date but don’t expect to hear much more about it until next year.

The good thing about this year’s E3 is I don’t think you can say that there were any clear winners or losers amongst the platform holders and that is great for gamers. A successful Nintendo seems to keep the other two honest as well… hope it stays that way!

You can view the presentation below via GameSpot – jump ahead to 43:30 to skip the pre-show chat.

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    • Surprised Nintendo didn’t have more to say or show with regards to Pokemon because even a few mockup screens could have doubled the impact. Still… It’s turning into a really cool console and I’m a bit envious already. 🙂

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      • Nintendo always does this though. And I think they didn’t want to steal the fire from Ultra Sun/Moon and the New 2DS that’s releasing this year. They’re gong to sit on this until those games/console release and then show us something on Pokemon Switch. Nintendo confirmed, without confirming, that the 3DS is on the way out since Pokemon is coming to the Switch imo.

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