Elite Dangerous @ E3 2017 – Part 2 with Thargoids!

Time to dust off those pulse cannons because it’s official: the Thargoids are back! After yesterday’s quickfire community goal, the truth is now out there with the announcement of the upcoming 2.4 update, titled “The Return”.

Those players able to contribute scans to Professor Palin yesterday would have been dismayed to find the Federation had stepped in and taken off with all of the valuable data. However that’s not the end of it and if you’re curious, you can search for a beacon in HIP 17044 and see the results for yourself. Alternatively, the Frontier live stream below lets you find out what’s happened:

Worth noting during that the live stream also confirmed that Elite Dangerous will be supporting the extra horsepower of the newly announced Xbox One X (Scorpio) and so players will get those lovely 4K visuals happening on their consoles soon.

Frontier CEO and Elite co-creator David Braben is pretty excited for what’s in the pipeline too…

The 2.4 teaser trailer is right here too – it doesn’t give much away but I can’t help but be excited for what’s to come. And I was proven wrong… it’s all coming sooner than expected (Q3 2017). 🙂

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