Forza Motorsport 6 demo is out – now I can’t wait for the full game

It took a bit longer to release than expected but the Forza Motorsport 6 demo is out.

Australians be aware though that if you try and download from the placeholder on the XB1 you may see an “unavailable” option appear.  I think Microsoft are trying to stagger the release.

Download link here –

Another alternative is via the XB1 to temporarily change your region to US – then you’ll be able to download the demo from the XB1 itself.  Make sure you change back to your native region though.

Demo weighs in at around 11GB in size.


I’ve just played the demo for an hour (that is about the length of it) and I’m actually pretty stoked with it – can’t wait until next Thursday to play the full game (10th September).  The first race has you racing the Ford GT 2017 car.  If you complete this race you get the car in your garage when you buy the full game.

Turn 10 are trying to make it more accessible but the night and wet weather racing is pretty damn excellent. The handling is different to Forza 5 by a long way.  I know this won’t sway the Project Cars players but I think the handling has been softened a little.  It sits between Forza Horizon 2 (easy) and Forza Motorsport 5 (more sim like).  However, when you aqua plain on a puddle in the wet it really affects the car and with 24 cars on track now it makes for some thrilling racing.

You also get to try out the new Wheel Spin (first introduced in Forza Horizon 2) and Mods.

The racing is insane – I love the special events. I thought racing an Indy Car around the Indianapolis Speedway would be boring but with 23 other cars on track it is pretty amazing and blisteringly fast.  The 60FPS works extremely well and amazingly the game looks even better than previous Forza games.

I am really looking forward to this now.

Word of warning though – the demo is about 1 hour long (5 races) and when it is finished you then just get to play the demo again. It does give you a night race and a wet race, plus a look at two new tracks to the series so it is still worth it in my opinion.

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