Cloud storage bumped up to 2GB on Xbox 360s

Posted onto Major Nelson’s site at the end of last week was news of the latest system update that should be hitting Xbox 360s as we speak. Not only is the console getting some new activity feeds to help bring it further in line with the Xbox One but a substantial boost has been made to the amount of storage for cloud saves.

Previously running at 512MB, the cloud storage provided on the 360 was viable for a lot of gamer’s needs and allowed them to seamlessly share their saves across multiple consoles. Bumping it up further to 2GB should cover the majority of needs and will help to make the backward compatibility features coming soon to Xbox One much more enticing.

In addition, it gives 360 owners a chance to get all their saves in the cloud for the long term; whether it be for a replacement console or future systems. With some 360 consoles hitting ten years old come November, having facilities in place to keep owners invested in Xbox would be key to Microsoft’s long term survival in the console space.

For further details, go here.

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    • For anyone who plays on multiple consoles, this is a big win. I started moving a few more game saves over last night; some of them I had avoided previously due their file sizes (Bioshock’s are about 18Mb per save!) so this is just great.


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