RETRO VGS campaign shuts down, returning in the near future

Looks like the RETRO VGS campaign on Indiegogo may have bitten off more than it could chew. With the flexible, cartridge based console gaining little traction on the crowdfunding platform, the team behind it have decided to take a step back and reassess the project.

From their Facebook post:

Hey Everyone! It’s clear, in its current state the RETRO VGS Indiegogo campaign is dead in the water and thusly will be shut down early. Once the Indiegogo team explains to us how we can do this, the plug will be pulled and all of you who have contributed will receive a refund post haste. Or you can go in and request a refund from Indiegogo right now.

The good news is we aren’t giving up and have made some adjustments to our hardware team, which includes the involvement of other hardware gurus who were part of our venture in the very beginning. We will also be lowering the price while maintaining most of the cool features you all want.

We will be back in the near future with a prototype RETRO VGS system, front-and-center playing our games on our cartridges and with our USB controller. Sit tight, be patient and RETRO VGS will return.

Thanks again for your support, patience and understanding while we regroup and prepare for the relaunch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Though it is a quick end for the project this round it is encouraging that when the team returns next on Kickstarter, it will be with a better price point and more importantly real hardware for backers to see in action.

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  1. I feel like most people think this is a neat idea (I certainly do) but that when it comes down to it, there are old systems to get the cartridge gaming nostalgia satisfied, and the newer next-gen consoles also take up gaming related spending.

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    • You’re definitely right about there already being existing systems to scratch the itch – especially if your old consoles are still working. I think if we finally get to see one in action it will go a long way to convincing people of the value of a new player in the market.


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