BattleTech Kickstarter smashes past the million dollar mark in a day

Harebrained Schemes, of Shadowrun Returns fame, have once again proven themselves to have the Midas touch with their latest Kickstarter set in the BattleTech universe. With only a day passing since crowdfunding began, the game has already passed its modest $250,000 goal and comfortably hit the million dollar mark too.

Things have come full circle for a second time with HBS’ Jordan Weisman once again returning to a franchise he originally helped create. With legions of fans of both BattleTech and its spin off MechWarrior, there is a good chance of him and his team being even more successful than ever before.

To visit the Kickstarter, go here.

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  1. That is pretty awesome. Well done to the team for reaching a million dollars already. At least that hits stage 2 which means they can build a single player campaign 🙂

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