Elite Dangerous Game Preview to Full Release – Xbox One

Being a long time Elite fan I picked up the Game Preview a couple of weeks ago (can’t believe I didn’t pick it up earlier). Since then I have become an Elite Dangerous junkie. I absolutely love this open ended space exploration gameplay and it faithfully recreates all those great moments when the original was released back in the mid eighties. If you want a game to sink your teeth into, that rewards you taking the time to learn all the mechanics over time because there is just so much to do, then buy this game. Do yourself a favour and buy the Game Preview before the full version releases next Tuesday, 6th of October.

Apparently the final game will be more expensive than the game preview version too (the game preview users get to automatically update for free). If you have been sitting on the fence about the game preview release I would suggest picking it up over the weekend. You can sample the gameplay by downloading an hour trial before purchasing the preview. I will say this – if you play the tutorials and find yourself not being able to finish them all, don’t let that stop you from playing the campaign proper. Some of the tutorials are quite difficult and much harder than the open world game itself.

The multiplayer is great too. Night Owl and I were flying around in a wing last night and it is great fun.

Docking inside a space station.

Docked inside a space station.

The other good bit of news to come out from a few developer press releases is that Game Preview players will actually get to keep their credits and ships when their account gets updated. Here is a full breakdown:

As many of you will know we’re going to be moving from the Game Preview Program to the full launch on Tuesday October 6.

There are a few pieces of important information for you to know so please have a read of the details below. If you have any questions pop them on this thread and we’ll do our best to answer them and add them at the bottom for all to see.

At launch the servers will be down from 8am BST for approximately 6 hours while the final update is migrated. We’ll post any changes to these times on our forum.

Here is a list of things that will happen when your account transitions into the full game. Again, if you have any questions, just ask.

New Commander accounts will start with a credit balance of 5,000 – existing Commanders will keep their current credit balance.

The following ships become locked to purchase unless you have the correct Rank:

  • Imperial Courier
  • Imperial Clipper
  • Federation Dropship
  • Federation Assault Ship
  • Federation Gunship

Everything else will be copied as it has been for previous GPP updates :-

  • Current Missions will expire
  • Unsold exploration data will be removed and credited
  • Exploration history will be lost, including any first discovered planets (This does mean that you could get more credits from exploring everything again)
  • Keep the location that you last logged out from
  • Keep all Ships, Modules, Cargo, Damage and Fuel
  • Keep Ranks for Exploration, Trade, Combat and CQC
  • Keep Powerplay Rating, Merits and Duration spent at that rating
  • Keep Minor Faction reputation
  • Keep Bounties, Fines, Vouchers and Permits.
  • Keep Statics – Balance, Combat, Crime, Smuggling, Trading, Mining, Exploration, CQC Stats

Updated answers:

Info about the download…

The download will be 5.3gig and the download will be available while the servers are down so you can get ready to jump straight into the full version!

Will I keep my Naval Rank?

Yes, this will follow you through to the full game

What about ships that I don’t have the rank for?

If you own the ship already you will keep the ship. If you die, you will not get the ship back. Unless you have insurance. Where you will get the ship back.

Elite Dangerous forums

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