Is Windows 10 churning through your bandwidth?

Kit and I came across something interesting over the last few days. I had noticed that during the hours of 3-8am my bandwidth was getting used up quite a bit.

This was also the time I had set Windows 10 updates to come down. I actually thought the bandwidth was a bit high for simple updates so we looked into it further.

Some of the bandwidth was caused from other sources but still a fair chunk of it was via our three machines downloading updates on Windows 10. Kit actually found an option that did help reduce our bandwidth during those hours.

By default there is a setting in Windows 10 that is left on that effectively uses your PC as a peering machine for all Windows updates. This is almost like a torrent type situation where Windows 10 is downloading updates from other nearby computers in your local network and other computers outside your home in the local area.

The catch is that you are doing the same, effectively sharing all the updates you have downloaded with other computers. This is why you may notice your bandwidth increasing somewhat during the update window.

To change this so that you just download updates for your own computer do these steps.

  1.  Go to Windows Update (do a search under the “Search the web and Windows” and type “Windows Update”
  2. Go to advanced options
    Windows update 1
  3. Click on the option – “Choose how updates are delivered”
    windows update 2
  4. Turn the option off in this screen.
    windows update 3

If you have plenty of bandwidth to spare then you probably won’t mind. I personally have turned this off and thought it might be helpful for those of you who have a capped bandwidth limit per month.

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