What the hell is going on with the Coleco Chameleon?

They couldn't be that brazen with faking a prototype... could they?

They couldn’t be that brazen with faking a prototype… could they?

The team responsible for the upcoming retro gaming inspired Coleco Chameleon has once again put the crowdfunding campaign on hold. In a bid to restore some confidence in the project, a handful of hardware screenshots of a console with a transparent casing were released to allow enthusiasts to look at the guts of the machine.

However, some very observant people over at the brilliant Atari Age forums noticed that the board visible inside the shell closely resembled a HICAP50B CCTV DVR Capture Card (See the comparison pic) and once again it looks like another shitstorm is heading the way of the RETRO VGS team.

After giving them the benefit of the doubt from their recent showing at the New York Toy Fair where there was the talk circulating that they were still not using real hardware, I’ve got to say I’m flabbergasted that they would even attempt something like this with such a high likelihood of backfiring. It might have just killed my interest in the console.

Screenshots of the boards were meant to show that the hardware really existed and with the chequered history of the project they was going to be under enormous scrutiny from the outset; if anything was going to save the Chameleon it was seeing a board with a CPU and FPGA consistent with the planned design but alas, it looks like we missed out on that one again.

The above pic of the console has been pulled from their Facebook page too and with comments hidden from view no one really knows what’s been said or what kind of response by RETRO VGS is being undertaken. This whole chain of events has got to be looked on as being a massive PR disaster but I suppose unlike Apple Maps or Xbox One DRM the chances of a better product coming out of this that will be remembered in years to come is getting slimmer by the day.

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    • I suppose seeing that they may have been trying to get onto Kickstarter with a faked prototype (which goes against KS’s charter) is all the answers we need sadly. 😦

      Its not like the hardware is unique; the Multiple Classic Computer has been on the market for a while and does a very similar thing but for C64 and Amiga.

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