Elite Dangerous: Arena out now on Xbox One

For those who prefer shooting up your friends in interstellar battles instead of trucking fruit and vegetables between space stations, Frontier’s release of Elite Dangerous: Arena on Xbox One might be for you.

As with the PC version released a couple of months ago, this is a standalone version of the Close Quarters Combat mode from Elite: Dangerous that allows players to compete in player versus player battles online. If the trading and exploration side of the game doesn’t appeal to you then this is a much cheaper alternative that may give you a taste of the full game while fueling your death match addiction.

One thing to look forward to with the full game is the next update to the Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion (known as “The Engineers”) that is currently going through Beta testing. With features to enable crafting and enhancements to the mission boards as well as new ways to make money such as ice mining, it sounds like it will go a long way towards making each player’s experience even more personal by making the universe around them better respond to their hard earned reputations. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Elite Dangerous: Arena is out now for both PC and Xbox One.

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