E3 2016 Round Up Part 4 – Ubisoft

The house that Rayman built again had its own show at E3 and it certainly starts on a note that is different to their more conservative colleagues in the industry. Hosted by Aisha Tyler, it is a more freewheeling experience and the willingness to drop a few gags does make it feel like a refreshing change.

Once again Just Dance will return in 2017 and with that same announcement confirmation of the Nintendo NX – maybe not a big deal for many in terms of the game itself but recognition of the platform drew a few cheers from the crowd.

A gameplay video of Ghost Recon Wildlands showing it’s expansive open world as you wage a secret war on drug lords. The potential for some amazing co-op team work looks very intriguing, much more than what was possible in The Division. The first thing that definitely comes to my mind is the movie Clear and Present Danger which is a likely inspiration seeing as it is another Tom Clancy property. Having that kind of experience in a large scale game could really work – I’m looking forward to seeing more of this. The game arrives on March 7th 2017.

Next up was an appearance by the South Park boys Trey Parker and Matt Stone showing off their new RPG South Park: The Fractured But Whole. If you loved South Park: The Stick of Truth you will feel right at home here as the game takes the mechanics of that game but moves from fantasy to the superhero genre. The combat has been built out further allowing a lot of room for additional strategies which might even appeal to players of RPGs like Shadowrun and Wasteland 2. The video below is just the trailer as the gameplay demo is a little NSFW (but VERY funny). Look for it on December 6th.

The Division‘s next major expansion entitled “Underground” is on its way soon and to also celebrate Ubisoft’s 30th birthday, additional outfits themed on Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six will be free to all when it arrives. Despite the dramas had with the game and its post launch updates, the developers at Massive are still pushing out regular content so kudos to them.

VR arrived in the form of Eagle Flight – a game that places players in the perspective of a bird of prey. The gameplay demo showed a multiplayer capture the flag variant called “Capture the Prey” which pits players and their birds against each other as they try to deliver a rabbit to their team’s nest. It sounds at first like an odd idea for a game but the sense of moment is good and it’ll be interesting to see how it works when wearing a headset. However, Star Trek: Bridge Crew gives players an experience that I think will make the idea of VR be accepted by a LOT of people as it places a team of four onto a starship bridge with everyone needing to work together to accomplish their goals.

For Honor, a medieval themed combat game pits Knights, Vikings and Samurai against each other in a world whose scale reminds me of Ryse: Son of Rome. The prospect of a campaign from each faction’s perspective might indicate there is going to be a lot here to people gamers occupied beyond the previously revealed multiplayer modes. The game will launch on February 14th in 2017.

There’s still more. Grow Home‘s success has lead to a sequel in Grow Up, and for those who enjoy Ubisoft’s occasional sidesteps into insanity there’s Trials of the Blood Dragon which takes the Trials formula but adds more cyborgs, giant boulders and the odd explosion or twelve. And seeing as Ubisoft is also the home of Assassins Creed, a little more was revealed about the movie too.

Next was Watch Dogs 2 – now we weren’t totally convinced that the original game was worthy of a sequel but after its launch success pretty much gave Ubisoft a few million reasons to follow it up. The idea of a hacker oriented Grand Theft Auto is still a good one so I will be curious to find out the reaction it gets when the game launches on November 15th this year. A few less towers to unlock missions might be nice this time too…

It looks like Sony are keen on Watch Dogs as well. Not only are they getting a 30 day exclusive window on DLC but are also planning on producing a film based on the license.

Final title on show was new IP Steep, an extreme sports style game arriving in December that gives players an opportunity to climb some very tall mountains and find some create ways of getting down them by land or air. Challenges can be created to allow you and friends to have some defined objectives in friendly competition.

Ubisoft definitely had a much more personal feeling conference thanks to having its host (Aisha Tyler) being a part of the whole event and even getting involved in the on stage interviews which may not have been heavy on detail but were quick and cheerful and made it very easy to watch.

Gamespot’s coverage is below – if you want to avoid the pre-show skip ahead to 34:14.

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