The Banner Saga 2 & Rainbow Six Vegas 2 open July 2016’s Games with Gold

The first of July’s Games with Gold releases are out now. The list of titles for the month are:

  • The Banner Saga 2 – July 1-31, Xbox One
  • Tumblestone – July 16-August 15, Xbox One
  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – July 1-15, Xbox 360
  • TRON Evolution – July 16-31, Xbox 360

The Banner Saga 2 is the sequel to the Kickstarter success story that combined strategy and roleplaying with an amazing visual style. This game appears to be making its debut on Xbox One as part of Games with Gold. Tumblestone appears to also be making its debut here later in the month.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is another sequel, this time to one of the Xbox 360’s early standout titles. The game is both better and worse than its predecessor: the multiplayer and unlock system is much friendlier to players (shared between both MP and SP) but is let down by the campaign itself which can sometimes feel a little cut’n’paste and ends with a boss fight of all things.

TRON Evolution is an action game takes cues from the movie TRON Legacy. I don’t remember much of this from when it was released but I’m still a big fan of the film so will be happy to check this out.

Please note that The Crew is still available until the middle of this month – if you haven’t picked it up yet there’s still time.


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