How to get Windows Store apps downloading again after the 0x80073cf0 error

After installing the new Anniversary update for Windows 10 that helps make the Action Center and touch screens a LOT more useful, I found that I was having a few issues updating some apps from the Windows Store. Clicking on the details for the problems returned an “0x80073cf0 error”.

Searching for the error code indicated that it could be a corruption of files related to the installer. However, there’s a quick and easy fix for it thankfully:

  1. Stop the Window Update service – this can be done from the Task Manager under the Services tab.
  2. Go to the directory C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete all of its contents.
  3. Start the Windows Update service.
  4. Trying installing/updating the apps you were having issues with.

This fix apparently will work under Windows 8.1 too if you haven’t made the jump yet to 10 (why?!?!). Anyway, it worked for me and any day you find a good solution like this it’s a good day indeed. 🙂

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  1. Great solution!

    I jumped on the opprtunity for a free Windows OS upgrade, after the first patch was released of couse. 🙂 I like it much better than Windows 7, but I know people who refused the free upgrade for some odd reason.

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    • LoL! The old “let’s wait for the first service pack” trick lives on! 😂

      I agree with you completely about how people refusing the upgrade is a really odd decision. It’s a much better OS than 8/8.1. I can only guess they either fit into the category of conspiracy theorists (who think MS are tracking their entire existence through it) or long term haters (Boo Windows, Yay Linux!).

      iOS and later Android showed how the new OS model can work but perhaps people don’t look at it as such because they are just “for phones” (generalizing here). Having a similar thing applied on a bigger scale on Windows across multiple types of hardware probably feels more intrusive despite the long term advantages it will provide.

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