Can’t get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update? There’s a shortcut

A lot of people right now are in the midst of updating their Windows 10 machines to the Anniversary Update which brings in a decent number of updates since the launch of the OS last year. A review of the update can be found here via Windows Central.

However if it seems your PC is not automatically kicking in and downloading the update, there is a way for you to start the process manually. The easiest method I’ve found is to do it from Microsoft’s support site which is located here. From there, click on the link “Join the celebration – get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update today” found at the top of the page and you’ll download the upgrade app and be on your way quickly.

Once you have the upgrade running, the process is fairly pain free as you just let it run and do its thing. With a fast Internet speed you could be back up again in the space of an hour. I hope that everyone who has upgraded so far has faced few issues and are enjoying their PCs again.

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  1. I didn’t even realise that this was around until I downloaded win10 for my second pc last week and found it on the ms page. I haven’t gotten around to updating my main pc yet though.

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