No Man’s Sky incoming

After much hype, delays and rumours Hello Games’ galaxy sized epic No Man’s Sky is out now on PS4 and arriving on PC by the end of the week. Backed up with a day one patch that builds out the content substantially, it has the potential to keep players occupied for quite some time. And it all looks really, REALLY good.

I finally caved in and have placed a last minute pre-order for the PC version through Main reason I chose them over Steam was that Good Old Games avoid excessive mark up on digital titles and try to keep prices fair compared to US game prices and exchange rates.

That mark up is known here as the “Australia Tax” – it can sometimes add another $30-40 on a game’s price at retail or digital channels so if you can find a way to save on a new release title you usually do.

With luck, I’ll be checking the game out over the weekend and taking some screenshots too. Initial reviews suggest it is a different kind of game to Elite: Dangerous so I’m looking forward to seeing what new tricks it brings. 🙂

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  1. PS4 reviews so far are heading towards being mixed. User average on Metacritic is 4.9 but that isn’t encouraging either, but even the lead on the game (Sean Murray) has said it will be a “divisive” title. Hopefully the draw distances, pop-in etc will be less of an issue on PC.

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    • I think that the game seems to be more a “survive-a-thon” than an “explore-a-thon” is going to burn some players. But then it is a similar thing people will face with The Solus Project which is on Xbox One… though that game sounds like it is a lot more walking and a lot less flying…

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  2. I caved – have pre-ordered it now. I’m ok with it being a survivor game as over time you’ll be able to build up your environment suit and ship, which in turn will make it easier to survive 🙂

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