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Via YouTube: No Man’s Sky Angry Review

Saw this great video review of No Man’s Sky during the week (see below) which has certainly resonated with a lot of people judging by the number of likes it has received.

It’s over 36 minutes in length but really does a great job in highlighting the frustrations many players have faced with the game. The opening few minutes are gold – if you have played NMS you will totally get it.

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  1. He’s always an interesting guy to watch. I don’t always agree with him but he’s entertaining nonetheless.

    I have NMS myself and have to say that my opinions on it are similar to his. It’s fun at first but then it becomes a little stagnant as there’s not really a ‘point’ to it. Unless you count the point as getting to the centre of the Universe, in which case it just becomes a, “Warp Core Grind”.

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    • This was my first exposure to one of his reviews so I’m curious to see more. ☺

      I think you are totally right about the experience in the game – that lack of depth really presents itself quickly after the initial “wow” moment at the start. How long did you play before stopping?

      I’m wondering now if grinding, NMS Style, is going to become a meme…

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  2. Agree with both of you. After 20-30 hours it really starts to wear thin and you realise there is nothing left to do. I thought this guy’s review was pretty spot on actually.

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    • 20-30 hours! Damn! I didn’t last more than two :].

      As far as Angry Joe goes he’s a good reviewer, but I know to skip the first 30 minutes to get to the actual review. I don’t usually agree with him, but he nailed it with No Man’s Sky.

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      • I think I’m about 15 hours into it… Probably the only thing that’s kept me going this far is I love the art style and just wish to see more of it. However a lot of that drive disappeared after a similar situation to Angry Joe where I arrived at a trading post full of the same dudes flying the same ships.

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