Clubs and more arriving in new Xbox Preview

As reported by Major Nelson, a preview of the next Xbox One system update is on its way now to registered consoles that builds out the community features of Xbox Live substantially.

Clubs let you join or create your own community groups allowing players to coordinate parties, games and share content. If the club is associated with a game, it’ll also be accessible from the game’s hub. Admins and moderation are possible in clubs so if someone doesn’t play by your rules, they can be kicked out. The ease in which this can be done has the potential to bring a lot of the Facebook based communities back onto Xbox. For people preferring the anonymity of their gamertag over a public Facebook identity, that could be really useful.

Looking for Group takes the concept of the 360’s Beacons in advertising interest in a game to play with friends but now turns it into an online classifieds for new friends on your favourite games through the ability to tag additional info to your request… even list the achievements you want to unlock. Further additions include an enhanced friends leaderboard and emoji support with the onscreen keyboard.

If it works as well as it looks, the community scene on Xbox Live could explode so it will be interesting to see how it is in twelve months time. I’m already thinking I need to set up an Elite: Dangerous group on this…

For those wanting to take a shortcut, the video below will give you a good idea of what is coming.

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