Zenith – Early Impressions

Right now I’m checking out Zenith – a new Action RPG from Infinigon that was just released on Steam. Unlike many fantasy based games that take their subject matter and back stories seriously, this one is willing to make fun of it.

The game casts players as Argus, a veteran mage whose attitude presents itself right from the opening sequence which sets up the initial storyline and the oddball humour in the writing. You’re initially tasked with helping to retrieve a mysterious artefact but as you’d expect that’s where it usually goes wrong.

As you begin playing you get a top down view of proceedings as you hack, slash and shoot your way around the world of Zenith. Anyone familiar with any titles that share elements of the Diablo franchise will instantly recognise how the game plays. The RPG elements I’ve seen so far appear to be kept basic with abilities modified through wearing equipment which can be swapped out to meet your needs which could help make this accessible to more players.

The early sections are quite guided so I’m hoping to see it open up as I progress further in the game. There’s also a nice little introductory puzzle that if it is a sign of things to come (in terms of mixing up the gameplay) player will have much to look forward to.

A detailed review will come soon.

Zenith is out now for PC and PlayStation 4 with the Xbox One version arriving at the end of the month. Impressions of the game are from a review copy.

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  1. Reminds me of A Bards Tale, just can’t get enough of the humor. Combat is pretty basic, and there’s nothing really special compared to other action RPGs but the humor makes the game so good. Buy for the jokes, and it will be the best 10 bucks you’ve ever spent.

    10/10 would play it again!


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