Details Revealed for The Crew Calling All Units

A new expansion is coming out for the The Crew on the 29th of November called “Calling All Units”. It will have some re-tuned Police AI, more missions to complete (12), a raised level cap to 60 and the ability to chase down other players as police. According the developers this is in response to player feedback and that is why police chases are the focus. You’ll have various tools at your disposal to try and escape the police as a wanted driver. It does sound promising and I’m looking forward to trying it out November 29th.


Getting Wild Run for free means you can start riding the bikes across the USA.

The price for the expansion has also been revealed:

Players who don’t own The Crew will have the opportunity to snatch the whole experience in one go, with The Crew Ultimate Edition. This includes The Crew, The Crew Wild Run and The Crew Calling All Units expansions, as well as all 19 cars from the Season Pass. You will be able to get it at your local store or online at the price of AUD$69.95/NZD$79.95 ($50 USD).

However, if you’re part of the 9 million players who already own The Crew, you’ll want to get The Crew Calling All Units expansion, available on all digital stores. Because we want you to have the finest experience in our huge open world, we’ve decided to include The Crew Wild Run for free to this package, that will be released at the price of AUD$34.95/NZD$39.95 ($25 USD).

We also have something for players who already own The Crew Wild Run: when they pick up their copy of The Crew Calling All Units, they will automatically get the Nissan GT-R 2016 for free, which is a Calling All Units exclusive vehicle. This will happen to anyone who bought and played The Crew Wild Run before the release of The Crew Calling All Units.

I’m looking forward to trying this new expansion out and seeing how deep the police vs crew gameplay goes. I really hope that the developers add more faction missions to the game and consider breaking the really long ones (4 hours) into more manageable parts. I’ll be providing more on this expansion as we get more information.

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