Be Very Careful With Criminal Passengers in Elite Dangerous

With the new 2.2 update for Elite Dangerous you can now transport passengers once you have fitted out your ship with the appropriate cabins. I spent some time outfitting two first class cabins, plus an economy class cabin and picked up some passengers to take to three different systems. My trusty Anaconda also has a fighter bay with an expert pilot to defend against attacks.

So I had taken on board some tourists, wanting to see a particular space station plus a criminal. When taking on this criminal all the warning said was that he was consider illegal in most space stations. Previously when I’ve had illegal goods I’ve been fined. You would think that you’d get some sort of warning along the lines of, “You have 30 seconds to leave this space station before we open fire”. Another option is the criminal gets arrested when you dock at the space station and you get fined and lose the criminal’s fee for taking you to the space station.

None of these things happen. You get a brief message saying the space station is firing upon you (it was so quick I didn’t really get a chance to see it) because 1 second later the whole space station opens fire on my ship and destroys it within 5 seconds. My Anaconda was no slouch either, and my re-buy costs for this little mistake was 16 million credits.

Personally I think this is a huge extreme and to be honest it has put me off playing Elite Dangerous again for a while. Not only did I lose my ship but all the other tourists on board died, plus my expert pilot.  How about giving us a bit more warning first?

My advice – do not take any criminal passengers at all or at the very least, take a smaller ship with no other passengers on board.

It might be time to play a bit more Star Citizen I think.

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  1. Funny thing is at this same time Grocs lost his ship, I had the same happen to me and lost a 6 million credit Anaconda. Luckily i had enough to cover most of the cost otherwise I’d be out of a ship. Definitely a good reminder that if you are dealing with illegal goods or passengers to avoid ships that can’t steer to save themselves.

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