Elite Dangerous 2.3 Beta Livestream, Part 2

Frontier Developments held a second Livestream for The Commanders update coming to Elite Dangerous with an emphasis this time on the Multicrew feature. What’s nice to see is the work being done to encourage like-minded players to get together for sessions with the potential to make new friends.

How your “Holo-Me” avatar appears in the player ship as you join is a neat touch with a very sci-fi style draw in effect. Multicrew gunners benefit from a third person view that gives them considerably more visibility of the ship’s surroundings which could be VERY useful in combat.

This video goes for more than an hour but I think if you made it through the last, this will be pretty easy going too. 🙂

The Commanders update for Elite Dangerous is due to enter beta from Feb 26. If you haven’t seen the first Livestream with the new commander creator (avatar) and camera system, jump over to here.

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