What are you looking forward to at E3 2017?

With E3 less than two weeks away there have been numerous announcements and early previews. This is what I’m most hyped up to see:

  1. Project Scorpio
    It is safe to say I haven’t been this excited for a console since the Xbox 360 was announced. I am looking forward to finally seeing what games are going to be looking like on the Microsoft’s new console. I also really want to see what Scorpio will do in the VR / Augmented reality space. It is important also that Microsoft improve every single game released on the Xbox One to play on Scorpio too – at least that is what I would love to see as it is all rumour at the moment.
  2. Forza Motorsport 7
    With Scorpio due later this year one of the launch titles will be Forza Motorsport 7. I hope we get to see this game in action at E3. With the huge success of Forza Horizon 3, I am hoping Turn 10 have taken some inspiration from Playground Games and provide the next big leap for the Motorsport series of games.
  3. The Last of Us 2
    I don’t own a PS4 at the moment but certainly will pick up a PS4 Pro before Last of Us 2 is released. Really hoping we see a bit more around what story involves Joel and Ellie this time. The original game for me remains one of the PS3 highlights and certainly an amazing example of adult storytelling.

    The first game was amazing.  Let’s hope Naughty Dog can pull it off again.

  4. Crackdown 3
    Despite Crackdown 2 being a disappointment I still have very fond memories of the original Crackdown. With Crackdown 3 we will get to see insane amounts of destruction due to Microsoft’s earlier touted cloud processing power, which was a real promotional strategy for the Xbox One. Now with the additional power of Scorpio and coming out on both Scorpio and Xbox One I am hoping we finally get to see just how useful cloud computing can be with games.
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2
    Even though this has been pushed back to March 2018 I still can’t wait to see more on this sequel.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 looks amazing and will bring us back to the frontier.

  6. Cyberpunk 2077
    The Witcher 3 was one of the best role playing games this century. I am eager to see how CD Projekt Red’s latest project, Cyberpunk 2077, is coming along. Hopefully we’ll get to see some game footage.
  7. The Crew 2
    All that we know so far is that The Crew 2 has been announced and should be out later this year. I really hope they build on the first game because by the release of the 2nd expansion the original game was starting to lag behind games like Forza Horizon 3. Let’s hope the true sequel brings open world racing back to the fore.

Night Owl shared some thoughts on what he was looking forward to at E3 2017 as well:

  1. Scorpio, Xbox One X, whatever it’s called
    Microsoft’s new console might change the landscape for hardware platforms in the future if it succeeds. I’m happy to have something that will let me continue to play my Xbox games better on a new TV.

    We know about the hardware, now we’ll finally get to see some games for Microsoft’s upcoming console.

  2. Microsoft’s take on VR
    With newer, more cost effective VR headsets on the way from PC hardware manufacturers there’s a good chance this new standard will also get a home on Xbox. Personally, I’m hoping that they will be cross platform compatible so I could buy one for the Xbox that also works on my PC.
  3. EA’s next Star Wars game after Battlefront II
    I am pretty hyped for Battlefront II but I really want to know more about the game being developed by EA Visceral with Amy Hennig of Uncharted fame. A unique story driven adventure set in the universe has been sorely missed… And it’s good to see that Battlefront II will remedy that too.
  4. Crackdown 3
    The original game was a surprise – many bought the game for the exclusive Halo 3 beta access but were also rewarded with a fun open world superhero game with one of the best achievement hunts included in a game. With history of the game being tied with Halo I wonder if we might see a repeat of it again this generation.
    crackdown 3

    Night Owl and I are in agreement here – we both can’t wait to see more on Crackdown 3.

  5. More original Xbox games appear on Xbox One
    If we can’t get original Xbox games on backward compatibility it’d be nice to see more titles from that generation make a return. MechAssault and Crimson Skies were popular games that never went beyond that console and would make for great titles on Xbox One. I’d even like to see Project Gotham Racing make a comeback too.
  6. Sony drops a big PlayStation announcement
    Sony has come out implying early on that the PlayStation 4 Pro was an interim solution for the platform as 4K emerged as a new standard. If that’s the case then they must have something else lined up… Microsoft’s launch of Scorpio might just accelerate that process.

What are you looking forward to seeing at E3 this year?  Tell us your thoughts below.

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