Xbox One and PS4 Pro Tech Discussed

Digital Foundry have released a really interesting video outlining some of the differences between the upcoming Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. They do acknowledge though that both consoles have a place but have a pretty good in depth discussion around the two consoles.

Interestingly the conversation is also focused around why native 4K shouldn’t be mandatory and cite Rise of Tomb Raider as an example. Effectively you get a choice of native 4K or an increased fidelity checkerboard 4K. I hope other developers provide this level of choice.

I’m probably more inclined to go with a fancier bells and whistles experience in non native 4K if it looks a lot better. Uncharted 4 has already shown us how good a non native 4K game can look and run on the PS4 Pro.

Watch the video below and post your comments.

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