Adventures in Elite Dangerous – Thargoid is not a dirty word…

… but it is certainly a painful lesson!

After finally getting my house in order after the rollout of Update 2.4 “The Return” I decided it was time to find me some aliens. So I left my Anaconda at Lowry Ring (great place for Ana gear BTW) and jumped into my trusty Asp Explorer which I hoped would be nippy enough to get me out of any tough situations. Well that was based on my own rather feeble experiences anyway…

The most recent edition of the Elite Dangerous newsletter’s GalNet section included a report of a Thargoid crash site in HIP 17125 and I knew my little ship would make short work of that distance so it was an easy enough run there. Seemed like the best to start my search and once in the system I travelled around trying to find any “unusual” signals – turns out that isn’t too hard as your ship’s scanners will clearly identify a “non-human signal source” which I locked onto.

Arriving at the signal source there was a LOT of wreckage… mostly Imperial ships it looked like. And right in the middle of it was what I had come chasing! The Thargoid immediately turned to face me and before I could do a thing my ships systems malfunctioned as I was getting scanned. Having your ship left defenceless like that is not a comfortable experience. When it turned to leaved I decided to give chase and see if I can scan it in return. Those ships are far more nimble than you might think and I misjudged an approach and clipped a “petal” as I passed by…

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… which was not a wise thing to do. Before I could even boost away the first volley of shots from the Thargoid had taken my shields down so I turned tail and tried to spin up my frameshift drive. That didn’t exactly work out as planned for it turned out my ship was mass locked with a 30x multiplier on the time it was going to take to jump. That was not going to work out well for me and time seems to slow down as you frantically try to find ways to keep your ship running while the drive charges up. I lasted another minute before my Asp Explorer was done and became 1.3 million credits down in insurance costs.

It was definitely my mistake to get so close when trying to scan (and take screenshots admittedly!) but the Thargoid’s aggressive response I had NO CHANCE at all to counter and that was pretty scary. There’s a phrase that gets bandied around often in relation to poking large animals with sticks… I have a feeling I’m going to need a mighty large stick if I get this beast angry again. And a larger bank account too.

Elite Dangerous is out now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. My humiliation and embarrassment at the hands of the Thargoids was via the Xbox One version.


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