Xbox Games With Gold for November 2017

So it looks like there is going to be some variety with the Games for Gold line up for November.

Track Mania is meant to be a fun track based racer and I haven’t had the opportunity to play this so I’m keen to see what it is like.

I’ve already played Tales from the Borderlands and this was a really good The Walking Dead adventure game from Telltale Games. Definitely worth a play if you haven’t played this yet as the characterisation is really quite good. Night Owl reviewed all episodes of  this game. Episode 1’s review can be found here.

Personally I’m not really familiar with the two 360 titles available next month but when they are free I’m sure they will be worth a go.


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  1. TrackMania is superrrrrrrb. Dunno what the Xbox community is like (probably much better after everyone gets it for free!) but it was still pretty popular online on PS4 a month or two back. Even if there’s not much multiplayer going on, there’s a solid single-player component, though, plus the excellent track editor.

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