April 2018’s Xbox Games with Gold has Assassins, Space Zombies and Cars too

Next month’s Xbox Games with Gold has been announced again via Major Nelson and looks packed to the rafters with big games that will appeal to everyone.

  • The Witness – April 1-30, Xbox One
  • Assassins Creed Syndicate – April 16-May 15, Xbox One
  • Cars 2 – April 1-15, Xbox 360
  • Dead Space 2 – April 16-30, Xbox 360

I think getting both Assassins Creed Syndicate AND The Witness in the same month is a fantastic deal on the Xbox One side with the first being the beginning of Ubisoft’s resurgence with their big franchise and the second the high profile follow up to developer Jonathan Blow’s 2008 XBLA classic Braid.

For Xbox 360 games and also with the original game recently becoming backward compatible, getting Dead Space 2 is a pleasant bonus that’ll keep fans invested in the series. Cars 2 rounds out the lot with a title that should appeal to everyone, especially to the younger Pixar fanatics in your home.

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  1. The original looks great now that it has had a X makeover. Pity the story part isn’t that great (never has been).


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